Bay Park Bathroom Trifecta

Bay Park / Bath


The original bathrooms were outdated and did not match the style of the other additions that were being made to the home.


This Bay Park bath has three identities: the master bath adjoining the master bedroom, the washroom for the second story entertainment area/game room, and the “locker room” for the homeowner’s home gym. There was an existing bathroom when K-Co extended the second floor to create a combination entertainment space and workout room. The initial plan was to add another toilet and sink to the house for the new room but the cost for that would have been north of $10,000. K-Co had a money-saving answer: we created a door from the new room into the bath, so guests in the game room would have access to a rest room. A second benefit was access directly to the shower for the homeowners after work outs. And what a shower; featuring the Pulse Paradise shower spa, there are 6 body heads, a rain shower and a hand held shower wand as well. It’s like a car wash for the body! An oversized vanity with granite countertop and a tall linen cabinet tucked behind the door provide the bathroom with storage space when it’s in master bath mode. The vaulted ceiling creates space for operable clerestory windows that flood the room with soft natural light.

Project Highlights

  • Pulse Paradise shower spa
  • Blue grey walls
  • Ceramic tile floor
  • Clerestory windows
  • Dual sink
  • Rain glass shower door
  • Granite vanity top
  • Dark wood cabinets
  • Wainscoting
  • Fold down shower bench
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