From Galley to U-Shaped - K-CO Spearheads A Clever Kitchen Remodel

The times are gone where kitchens used to be tucked away in the back of a home as a seen but not heard space. Because over the last handful of decades, kitchen remodeling has gone through a (still rising) evolution of styles that have helped kitchens go from dark corners to the focal point of a home. Fast forward to today, kitchens in the 21st century are much more spacious, minimal, and modern than ever before – something that these San Diego clients were hoping to achieve with the help of K-CO.


Starting out with a pre-dated galley kitchen, these clients were ready to journey through a new kitchen remodeling endeavor to gain a spacious u-shaped design instead. And not only did K-CO do just that, but they also integrated some smart innovations into the mix, making this one of the many intriguing clever kitchen remodels the team has performed to date.


See how K-CO converts this galley kitchen into a clever u-shaped one during a transformational kitchen remodel.


The Clever Kitchen Remodel – Case Study

With a small upstairs galley kitchen, it was hard for these San Diego clients to find the perfect balance between space and storage. But after a consultation with K-CO, they were able to come up with the perfect (and clever) kitchen remodel solution that was able to finally give them the best of both worlds. Even more, the K-CO team not only used innovation to convert this galley kitchen into a u-shaped one, but did so while implementing their previous upstairs kitchen remodeling experiences on this house model to optimize all-around success.


Beginning with the structure itself, K-CO re-routed the plumbing to expand the kitchen, which entailed pushing the load-bearing wall out and installing four beams in its place. When this was set and secure, that was where the aesthetic fun began. Inside this new u-shaped kitchen, you'll find new maple wood, cattail-colored cabinets with Whitman doors that lay against a mosaic glass tile backsplash that connects it to the golden ridge countertops. Along with these eye features that eye pop against the beige painted walls, all new stainless-steel appliances were installed, including a double bowl undermount sink and a Moen faucet. Bringing it all together, K-CO installed a charcoal porcelain tile floor over top of the concrete subfloor, offering that perfect blend of subtle color to the entire scene.


Summary – A One Of A Kind Clever Kitchen Remodel

Whether you are located here in San Diego or not, everyone deserves to have a kitchen they can feel proud of. After all, your kitchen is that unique space where you likely spend the majority of your time with family, friends and mastering your culinary skills. And having a personalized, spacious environment with some clever storage tricks, it can all truly accentuate that entire experience. In the end, that is exactly what these San Diego clients received after their clever kitchen remodel – a one-of-a-kind clever kitchen remodel that you can gain too.


Overall, if you are ready to get started on your own kitchen remodeling adventure to get the kitchen of your dreams, then have the solidifying confidence that K-CO can make it happen. Because after 25+ years being a top San Diego contractor, this team knows how powerful a kitchen can be for your home value and life quality and are committed to raising the standards bar for you, the community, and the industry as a whole.




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