Achieving The Modern Home Look On A Budget

April 12, 2023

Achieving The Modern Home Look On A Budget

With over 25 years of service and remodeling thousands of homes in San Diego, K-CO Construction has seen design trends ebb and flow. The most popular current design trend is to transform your home into a more modern aesthetic. Modern styling is a trend that is not going away any time soon. Simple clean lines and minimalistic features dominate this trend.

Now, as wonderful as a modern home remodel might sound, it can be quite expensive if you are not careful. But the critical thing to take away from that previous sentence is“can be.”Changing the architectural style of a house to “simple” is generally the opposite of easy but you have options, and not all are exceptionally costly. Let's consider several budget-friendly ideas you can implement that will help you achieve that modern home look without it hindering your financials.

Incorporate Simple Modern Style Fixtures

First consider adding interior fixtures with a more modern flair. Things like floating vanities, a one-piece toilet, one-piece faucets, oversized floor tiles with small grout lines, and even adding a long rectangular shaped fireplace can all add a beautiful modern touch. Though prices can undoubtedly range with each of these items, the K-CO Construction team will help you find the best quality ones for the most economical price.

Replace Small Elements with Modern Ones

Another thing we recommend is taking a look at your current structure and finding some small elements that can be easily replaced. For example, think about changing your door and/or window style to be more modernized and sharper looking. What about your light fixtures? Your moldings? Window treatments? Your current door and kitchen cabinet knobs? All of these are easy aspects that can be replaced to offer substantial change and modernization. Remember, little details add up to big results.

Add the Right Modern Décor

Part of the modern appeal is decorating your space in such a way that gives off the 21st century feel. This means taking the time to find nice art pieces to hang up, maybe elegant plants to add life to the room, picking out new throw pillows, hallway mirrors, technology-related items, etc. If you have the time, you can even add some DIY projects like installing floating shelves that can add both a modern and personalized touch to the space.

Tip: If you are going to make the most of this effort, make sure you repaint your walls if need be first so you can have a much easier time matching the décor correctly.

Conclusion – Spend A Little, Gain A Lot

As you can see, there are several innovative modern home remodel ideas you can partake in to finally obtain that modernization appeal you desire. For example, by just changing your door and window style or adding in simple modern elements can make a world of difference. Overall, know that you do, in fact, have many budget-friendly options you can choose from, and with the right contractor on your side, expect to have a smooth, positive, and fun experience from start to finish.

Here at K-CO Construction, we have modernized countless homes, are highly familiar with architecture transitioning methodologies, and know how to incorporate key modern concepts to existing styles to provide you the design you crave without costing you a fortune. So, when you are ready to take on this new exciting project, then give us a call today. We would be more than happy to help you transform your modern blueprint ideas into a reality, all while ensuring you still have plenty of money in your pocket at the end.

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