Home Remodels in the age of Covid

April 12, 2023

Most of us have been stuck in the house to varying degrees for the better part of this year including even moving our work lives home. This has been a struggle for almost everyone and especially families with younger children and 2 (currently) work from home incomes. I have heard many stories of walk-in pantries turned into offices, dining room tables over run with reports and laptops and lots of interrupted zoom meetings.

If you are ready for a room addition to add some space or a home remodel to create some more private areas for these new conditions you are not alone. Over the last 4 months, there has been a significant surge in demand for projects like home additions and remodels.

Here are some things to consider when starting the home remodel process:

We are experiencing the busiest times we have seen in at least 10 years. Any good contractor, designer or trades person that is a quality vendor are busy busy busy. Please be patient with us. For a remodel to begin in summer I would start immediately.

Covid is affecting major suppliers and markets. Construction in general is a very fluid industry but Covid has definitely affected both the supply chains and labor forces of major parts of remodeling. This is causing reliable resources to be less reliable and only the most creative builders are able to overcome these obstacles.

Permitting times have been a little unpredictable (even more than normal) lately. The city responded to the first wave of Covid times by rushing their online (only) permitting process a few months early. Overall it will be a win for the future but there have been a lot of bugs in the process to work out. Also there has been a surge in projects overall with more additions and additional huge increases in the accessory dwelling unit permits. Having a knowledgeable, persistent contractor driving the permit process can expedite getting your permit and starting your addition.

The actual construction process looks a little different these days much like everything else in our lives. From daily temperature checks, masked workers, staggered trades to adjusted methods, we have evolved our building process to better keep our workforce and your home a safe place to be. K-Co has taken pride on being a local industry model for how business should be conducted over the last 9 months.

K-Co is grateful to be available to help you complete your home addition or home remodel in San Diego. Although it may require a little more patience, we have to be creative in overcoming some obstacles along the way and the permitting/building process may look a little different than in normal times. K-Co Construction can help guide you through the process from beginning to moving into your dream home. We proudly serve the communities of Bay Park, Bay Ho, Clairemont, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, University City, La Jolla, Kearney Mesa, Serra Mesa and Linda Vista.

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