The Latest Kitchen Remodeling Trends In San Diego

April 11, 2023

Kitchen Remodeling In San Diego

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In the world of interior design, the roller coaster of kitchen remodeling trends has always kept contractors and designers on their toes. From the bright pastel-styled kitchen in the 1950s, the earthy/muted tones in the 1970s, the white colors of the 1980s, to the minimalist approaches of the 1990s, it has all led to the now contemporary/modern focused trends in kitchen remodeling in the 21st century.

Even still, trends in kitchen remodeling are still popping up, altering, and transforming, something that K-Co Construction has witnessed first-hand over the last 25+ years. In fact, just this past year alone, K-CO has seen several trending patterns while working on various kitchen remodels within San Diego. Because of that, they have compiled a list of the latest kitchen remodeling San Diego trends they have come across thus far in hopes of offering you some 2021 kitchen remodeling insight and inspiration.

  • Color, color, color – One of the latest and strongest kitchen remodeling trends K-CO has been seeing is the desire for more color throughout kitchens. So many kitchens over the last few years were some combination of white, grey and muted colors. We are seeing a migration to more splashes of color from backsplashes, countertops or even appliances. Design evolution has reacted to the proliferation of more sterile, “clinical” feeling kitchen spaces.
  • Dining Area Modern/Contemporary Chandeliers – Chandeliers have always been a crowd favorite and are still highly popular in today's dining areas. The difference, though, is the type of chandelier being hung. With that being said, the modern/contemporary kitchen strive has become the catalyst for the demand for modern/contemporary chandeliers to match the theme. All in all, these chandeliers offer dramatic statements and add new levels of volume to the dining space.
  • Adding Kitchen Storage – The most functional-oriented kitchen remodeling San Diego trend just so happens to be the push for more kitchen storage. Part of achieving that modern, spacious kitchen is having enough space to properly store food and kitchen resources to keep it from getting cluttered. Due to that, kitchen storage innovations have been a hot demand here at K-CO - from adding more storage within center islands, implementing deeper shelving to taking advantage of any extra wall space.
  • 3-Toned Color Palettes – Lastly, it has not been uncommon since the beginning of 2021 for remodelers to want a 3-toned color palette for their new kitchen. This entails mixing woods with metals and other contracting materials to make the kitchen truly stand out. It wasn't long ago when monochromatic kitchens shifted towards 2-toned designs and have since upstaged to 3-toned schemes within a single cohesive space. In summary, this is an excellent solution to get rid of that plain, dull, blended-in design with vibrant, harmonized distinctions.

Summary – Do What’s Best For You

There is no denying that kitchen remodeling San Diego trends are ever-evolving. From unique designs, upgraded aesthetic approaches to the improved functionality, the K-CO team has witnessed the above kitchen remodeling trends during recent projects this past year. These trends do not have to be followed completely; you have full flexibility and freedom to apply the kitchen remodeling trends in areas you like, disregard the ones you don’t and tailor your design to meet the remodeling vision you are aiming for.

Overall, trends in kitchen remodeling may be trends for a reason. But real remodeling success boils down to nailing your personal designing goals so you can transform your kitchen into what you have always wanted - something that K-CO is committed to helping you achieve so you can finally gain that ultimate, personalized dream kitchen you deserve.


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